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We want to use LightningTalks to get people connecting with each others' ideas on Friday night, before we start working in Open Space on Saturday morning.

What is a Lightning Talk?

Good question*.

Lightning Talks appear to have originated at "Yet Another Perl Conference 2000", and have gradually spread to other technical conferences.

It's an opportunity for you to talk for 1-3 minutes on the subject of your PositionPaper or ANY topic you think participants will find interesting. That's all! It's very informal, low pressure (be sure not to try to cram in everything you know!) and fun. Emphasis on FUN!

Positioned before the Open Space portion of our program begins, it will help us discover each others' ideas - perhaps even find potential collaborators and exciting new directions. We want you to go: "wow, she has an interesting/crazy/heretical/far out idea there! I must make sure to find her at lunchtime, or join her session!"

How does it work?

We assign a block of time, say 90 minutes. People voluntarily sign up in sequential order, and we run the 3-minute talks end-to-end for a most amazing avalanche of ideas!

In order to allow rapid changes between speakers, we discourage use of slides, though we might provide a single computer allowing you to project a pdf off your data key.

The timekeeper signals you to start, and starts her timer. If your slides are not ready when you are... the show goes on! You get another signal at two minutes, and again when your three minutes are up. You must then stop talking or risk being dragged off the stage kicking and screaming! :-)


Here's an article with tips from Martin Fowler for making a lightning talk. Just remember, ours are only 3 minutes, not five!

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