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Here are some of the frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you are looking for, please write us by using the contact page.

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  Where is the conference being held?
  West Chester University.

  What is the purpose for holding this conference?
  To provide agile practitioners a platform to meet face-to-face and discuss/demonstrate simple design and testing principles/approaches.

  What is the specific focus of the conference?
  To learn/explore more about the XP Value: Simplicity. We will also focus on how this translates into the XP Practice: Simple Design & Testing. All Agile methodologies incorporate very similar values and practices in their approach. We have selected the XP ones as a way or expressing the values and practices of all Agile methodologies. Having read about these in literature, we will try to determine what is the state of the union in the industry.

Some of us have tried simple design & testing on our projects. In some case it has worked well and in some case it has not. This conference tries to get a group of people together in order for them to share their stories and tricks. We would also like to facilitate a few hands on sessions, where participants can demonstrate key learnings with examples.

The conference aims to provide the platform for participants to have discussions and share learnings. The open space format of the conference allows the participants to collectively drive the direction of the conference in a way that would benefit the collective whole.

  What questions are we trying to answer?
  Please refer to the Highlights page.

What results do we think we might achieve?
  The participants can expect to take away from the conference a better understanding of the relationship between Simple Design and Testing, Some simple strategies to manage design simplicity over a project's lifecycle and some new ideas/perspectives of design and testing


Is this a technical conference? Or more about people and interactions? Or both?
  Both. It is very difficult to justify the value of a conference that is not based on people and interactions among them. However, in order to avoid the eternal philosophical debates, certain sessions will aim to provide sharing of real world experiences. Participants can expect to participate in some hands on sessions with other participants.

  Will the conference organizers organize for accommodation for outstation participants?
  Please check the Accommodation page on the conference wiki for details.

  Will we have internet access on the campus?
  We also have wireless internet connection available at the Venue. There is a lab which can be used for hands-on-session and for internet access.

  How many people may attend the conference?
  Max 100 people.

  How do I include my logo in the "participants" section?
  After you have registered, send us your logo via  email to Naresh Jain.

  Since the conference is free, who is paying for the event?
  The West Chester University is providing us all their facilities for free. Generous donations [in kind, not cash] from the Agile Alliance and our sponsors will fund the expenses.

  Can I attend the conference remotely, via phone or webcast?
  Sorry we are not equipped for this.

  Can I speak at the conference?
  The format of the conference is Open Spaces. Read the details about how openspaces work, especially the part about how to lead an open space talk. Don't expect to monopolize the conversation. If you try to, you'll find that most attendees will use the 'Law of two feet' to find another talk.

  Can I bring prepared materials for a talk?
  Yes. But, be prepared for the possibility that your topic may not be selected by the participants.

  Can I help?
  Yes. Please get in touch with Naresh Jain.


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